2018-2020 Board of Directors

Kathy Berrong. President

Kathy Berrong brings her knowledge of non profits to serve as president of the board,  She has served as president for community theatre and has a tremendous passion for  art therapy in Dallas. Kathy is a client relations director for a major international financial firm and and artist. 

David Wasserman, Vice President

David Wasserman is an attorney with a background in civil litigation and family law. Having served as an attorney ad litem for children in foster placements, and as the parent of a special-needs child, David appreciates the benefits of art therapy for children and adolescents facing a variety of challenges. When not practicing law or engrossed in social media, David enjoys writing, music, and cinema. He is proud to lend his expertise to help guide the board.

Tom Neiman, Treasurer

Tom Neiman brings his expertise in financial organization to the board.  

Beth Morale, Secretary

Beth Morale is an art therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor who has a private practice working with children, adolescents and adults. Her experience is in using art therapy and Cognitive behavioral Therapy with children, adolescents and adults who have a variety of mental health and behavioral difficulties. Her experience has also been in working with adults at a pain clinic site using art therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Beth also serves as the current President for NTATA.

Henry Miner, Marketing and PR

Henry Miner likes wandering the jungles of Costa Rica in search of the perfect sunset and is passionately committed to the preservation of the planet. He is entirely too enthusiastic about the wonders of the universe, cosmology, 1960s Pop, photography, traveling, and attempting to learning new languages. 

Inspired by the eclectic mix of artist and educators in his hometown of Dallas Texas he eventually began to study photography and digital filmmaking. It was a chance meeting with a 1960s photographer and experimental filmmaker that would change the way he viewed art and it’s relevance. Understanding the importance of using his talents to make a difference he changed course. Leaving behind his career as a fashion news photographer/editor he began focusing his efforts on social and environmental issues. He continues to work as a filmmaker through new platforms such as; rural tourism, outreach programs, social media, radio, podcasts, web series, and documentary films. 

Evita Tenzeno, Marketing and PR

Evita is an artist and a vegan chef.  Her collage images are widely collected and shown.  Denzel Washington is a huge fan of Evita's work.  Evita brings her passion and dedication to the arts to the mission.